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The headmaster felt the name was too clumsy and changed it to Prince of Wales School.And though it’s today nicknamed ‘Patch,’ the old name of Wales was Cambria and hence old boys are members of ‘Old Cambrian Society.’ It changed to Nairobi School in 1965.With the feeling of being tucked away, About Thyme offers diners a retreat from the busy city both in its setting and its good food. There’s always a vibrant nuzz of people from 6 pm on weekends providing a good backing track to jovial (and sometimes awkward) date conversation. Must Try: Borrata Cheese starter and their Thai Mojito.Cuisine is continental meaning there’s a dish for any mood and taste bud. If you enjoy dancing, go on a Friday night for the live salsa band. Although this place can get quite crowded on Saturday nights, it’s otherwise a lovely and rather quaint place to go for a drink.Well because I can give them my low down dirty truth about Nairobi and its NON EXISTENT yes I said non existent dating scene (as far as I and 8 other girls are concerned). You know how am always telling you about how I love the men in my life for the lessons and “special” love they are always imparting on me? Oh yes, I got it, I love the men in my life: Nairobi edition BECAUSE, well they make me appreciate the past men in my life and anticipate the future ones too.

If a truly fine affair is what you seek then an evening that starts out with a welcome drink on the balcony is probably the right fit. The Fairview Hotel in Upper Hill is home to the warm and inviting Pango brasserie – a unique restaurant styled after a French bistro. It expresses the fusion of flavours, warmth, comfort, colour and service.

Men with style, men with charm, men who care about what and how they look, men who compliment, men who respect and most importantly MEN who look good. The next time (that is next week) when you come back to the same lounge, he will still observe you, never makes a move, never talks to you just watches you. (I often tell people that if the ‘old guy’ was even remotely cute then perhaps you could consider listening) – but what’s interesting with the Nairobi Sugar daddy is that sometimes its like he even expects You to be the one to make the move (lol) The ‘wannabe’ He is either a wannabe rapper, actor or something. You’re still trying to figure him out The west African I want to talk about these ones, but I might be biased…. The expatriate He is French, German, American, West African, Dutch or something…

(Men who know how to treat a woman – and just so you know, just because I am independent – whatever that means – doesn’t mean I don’t know or understand the value of a Man) You don’t agree? Let me tell you about the men in my life: the Nairobi experience – I won’t speak for Kenya I haven’t been around (yet) .

Snugge up on a hay bale in the funky garden or in a booth indoors whilst munching on chicken wings or samosas. Must Try: The Gin Basil Fizz or Stormy Tangawizi cocktail.

There’s always good, mellow music playing and gin drinks are plentiful. Lying at the heart of Nairobi’s CBD is this dining stalwart.

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