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At the time of a pet’s appointment we provide a recommendation on scheduling the next cleaning.

We also stress to our owners the importance of home oral health care between cleanings.

K9 Grillz: We suggest an anesthesia-free teeth cleaning every six months for most clients.

If we find any conditions that require anesthetic intervention, the animal must be seen by the client’s regular veterinarian.

FD: What circumstances might make anesthesia necessary?

K9 Grillz: There are a wide variety of dental and periodontal abnormalities that can only properly be resolved under anesthesia.

Some of these include loose teeth, fractured teeth with pulp exposure, root fractures, severe gingivitis, deep pocketing, severe recession, certain furcations, and abscesses.

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Kissable Dental Care FD: What is your opinion on dental chews, sprays, and wipes?

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