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Click through the slides to learn about the Jewish connections of 10 world-changing inventions. Picon is so delicious and quirky, you want to give her a knip in bekl (pinch her cheek).” – Forward • “Words to live by: Anything with Molly Picon is worth seeing.We are devastated by her passing, but celebrate her extraordinary life.Watch - Cohen Performs "Hallelujah" 2009 Watch - Cohen Blesses Israel & Palestinian Bereaved Parents for Peace Watch - Cohen in Israel Calls for Peace with "Anthem Ring the Bells” Read - "When Leonard Cohen Crooned for Israel in Its Darkest Hour" Read - "Is Leonard Cohen’s New Song His Most Jewish Ever?

During WWII, the Sephardic synagogue burnt down as the result of a US air raid, and the Ashkenazim shared their space with the Sephardic community.Mamele is a marvelous comic melodrama.” - Attorney, Massachusetts Probate Court Judge, and pioneering advocate for gender equality & children’s rights.Beverly was a founding board member of NCJF: a central figure in the Center’s creation and advisor for more than 40 years.Search Torah topics from respected, pre-approved Torah sites.4was created to specifically exclude irrelevant results one could find using a standard Google search.

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An MP is being investigated after Jewish activists were barred from a meeting in which a senior Palestinian made allegedly anti-Semitic remarks.

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