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Nonmember chat

A virtual function declared in one class can be declared a friend in another class.]" Friendship, although given through declarations like members, aren't really members so much as notifications of which other classes can essentially ignore the visibility classifications on 'real' members.And also if inheritance is allowed for friend functions, then a third party class inheriting. In another order, you can also found interesting to known all class are friendly with self.For me the problem of C is the lack of very good granularity to control all access from anywhere for anything : friend Thing can become friend Thing.* to grant access to all child of Thing And more, friend [named area] Thing.* to grant access for a precise are in the Container class via special named area for the friend.

Note: A child of Frankly, the case I'm really thinking about this is the Attorney-Client pattern, where an intermediate acts as a limited interface to outsides classes by presenting wrapper methods to the underlying restricted-access class.From you CEU Center you can also verify your recertification cycle dates to determine if you are due to renew by the end of the year.This ten minute video reviews the AHIMA CEU Center in depth with information on how to navigate it and track your CEU recertification requirements for each cycle as well as provides a refresher on current CEU recertification policies for AHIMA credential holders.Edit for clarification: I'm talking about the following scenario, for granting friendship to a class or virtual method heirarchy. Any change in the internal representation of a class will require a modification to anything that is dependent on that representation.I dislike the need for boilerplate proxies (which the friended base effectively becomes), but I suppose that this was deemed preferable over a language mechanism that would more likely be misused most of the time. Thus all members of a class and also all friends of the class will require modification. Thus if friendship was inherited you are inadvertently introducing a restriction on the ability to modify a class.

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A reminder for those with a recertification cycle ending December 31, 2017: the Standards for Recertification of the Commission on Certification for Health Informatics and Information Management (CCHIIM) require that you complete recertification requirements by your cycle end date.

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