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I was in the 249th Eng combat HQ Gerzewski Barracks from 1976 to 1978. always think about my buddies, hope you are well, JTI was in gerzueski barricks 56 med batallion in 1961- 62. We would especially like to find our good friends with nicknames Tubby, Red, Jonesy, Burns and Peek. Me and a buddy were shipped to The "zew" back in 82 from Leonard Wood. If there’s anyone out there who can remember my grandfather please write me an e-mail! miss the place, wardell worked in finance on the 2nd floor, would love to hear from younice pictures brought back some great memories. when you took me to the scotch club the first time and met jasmin? I am embarrased to say that I have not kept up with Rudy and Chrysta for over 10 years. We were stationed there from 1986-1989 and he was over at Neuret Kaserne with the 269th Signal Co which is 72nd SB. If there is anyone out there from the 76 ....93rd sp4 Staples says hi. I was also a bouncer at the community club from day one I can still remember the training classes we had. They married in November 1963 and then went stateside within the next year. He randomly tells stories about a man called “ Emmerson” and one they called “ Flyboy”. Karlsruhe has really changed, would love to go back and see for myself; maybe on of these days. contact me at [email protected], or [email protected], or [email protected] John Murray please contact MSG Warrren Patriquin (Doc) I believe we know each other from Karlsruhe. AF/Navy vet myself, I was a brat in Russelsheim, then Weisbaden. The base had already been closed, but a lot of the buildings still existed. I was only 10 and attended the elementary school there. Bless all you friends and know that anyone that served with the 78th, will always be in my heart and a friend. I was stationed in Karlsruhe 595 med co from 1959 to 1961; enjoyed to pics but didn't really recoginize any of them. I know where ken deanna and Mickie (Robin) Hims are. If anyone knew my dad, feel free to contact me anytime. Great times and great fun, Hard work at times and wish everyday , that I could live it over again.

SP4 Scott Kihm (12C Bridge Crewman), 93rd Engineer Company (MAB) mid 1984 to early 1986. I know where ken deanna and Mickie (Robin) Hims are. Looking for old photos of Neureut Kaserne in that period. Looking at in on google earth it looks like a huge pile of sand! I believe the next 1SG was 1SG Uriegas with our Cmdr being either Cpt Mc Kowen or a female Cpt whos' name escapes me after all these years. Recenty picked up a stein that must have been given to him when he finished his deployment. She was in this area in 1956 and was associated with my father, and I think they may have married there. If anyone knew my dad, feel free to contact me anytime. My father, Harry Duckworth, was a CWO4 with the 39th Corp of Engineers. I lived with my dad in the BOQ for a short while before we got an apartment in Neureut. Ron Ret SFC Ron Felder I served 12 years total with a break in time and was there to close the gate, I miss it and the people.Attended a reunion of the 275th last year at the home of Bruce Vaughn (who's on this blog) and had a great time reminiscing. I loved the schnitzels and Pils Beer in Brau Haus near the Kaserne. Being a Platoon Leader with the 249th gave me a great foundation for the things I did later in life. Looking for Regis Sheilds who always was around the MP Station all the time. Had good times but some bad times that still haunt me. I do not know the battalion my father served in other than it was the Army. feels like a part of him just passed from my sight.......takes it's toll....I'm old and don't understand why I ever wasted my time being there....those times were great because of the guys I shared them with...that I'm grateful... Names such as "Graz", Brannon, Curry, Zerkel, "Moose", "Bear", Mosher, Hickey, Buck, Jerry Johnson, Brown, Barker, Johnny Williams, Banta, Rose, Gallejos, Beauchain, Cox, Crook, Hoyt, Sven Weir, Weiss, "Junior", Hale, Bowie, JR, Stoney, Terry Gillespie, Godsey, "SPEEDY", Garyy ridgeway, Keith reitler, Kiser, Laun, Paul Hochstadt, Grady Miller, Mobley, Riggan, Real, Anderson, William Taylor, Hatch Meeks, etc. [email protected] was great seeing the pics of the Karlruhe area.I was station 269th Signal Co., was based on Neureut Kaserne from 1979-1982. so i heard from 2 people about smiley barracks 1975-1978 any one else out there i was darlene poole married wardell sanders worked in personnel lived on base still looking for barbara hickman any any one else out there who served then thank you John, not sure if this is the same Regis Shields, but he was stationed in Karlsruhe and ended up living there. He created a Facebook page about Karlsruhe and was the admin over it. I was stationed at Gerzewski Barracks (I believe it has been leveled for a housing developement) from Aug '60 to Mar '63 with the 620th Engineers. I was stationed at Gerzewski Barracks (I believe it has been leveled for a housing developement) from Aug '60 to Mar '63 with the 620th Engineers. I was stationed at the Rheinland Kaserne in Ettlingen in 1965- 1966.Fincher, Brenda: Alleged violation of: (1) RCW 42.17A.235 by failing to disclose campaign expenditures; (2) RCW 42.17A.220 by failing to timely deposit campaign contributions; and (3) RCW 42.17A.320 by failing to include the sponsor identification.The complaint alleged that Brenda Fincher, a first-time candidate seeking the office of Kent City Council member in 2015, failed to (1) timely disclose candidate expenditures made by the campaign; (2) timely deposit campaign contributions dating back to September 1, 2015; and (3) include her sponsor identification on "robocalls" made by her campaign. Fincher included pictures of City of Kent law enforcement and fire department individuals in uniform in political advertisements sponsored by her campaign.

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I was stationed at Neureut with A Co, 17th Signal Bn July 59 until July 60. I am very thankful to the US Army for allowing me such an opportunity. I have tons of pictures of beautiful places like Heidelberg, Munich for Octoberfest, Austria and Berchtesgaden. If anyone from the time and place is looking to reminisce, shoot me an email. I realize I'm pushing the clock back compared to other messages here. I was in 1st platoon which was always picked to do the toughest jobs. It shows the barracks mess hall and the swimming pool. I'm looking for anyone who server during the 89-92 time period from the 502nd Eng Co. I was stationed at Rhineland Kaserne from 1967 to1968 with the 502nd.bridge co. I would love to find RONALD EARL who lived some where in California . Ron Ret SFC Ron Felder I served 12 years total with a break in time and was there to close the gate, I miss it and the people.

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